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​At Monopoly Events, we realise the importance of authenticating the items that you buy at our events, the items that you send in to us to get signed, and the items that you buy from our existing catalogue of stock. This enhances the value of your product and is a record of the signing taking place.


With the market being littered with fake sellers and items, there is no better peace of mind you can have that an item is authentic than to buy from the people who book the guests into their shows.


We offer a two-stage authentication service which consists of the following:


If you attend our event you can buy a holographic sticker at the signing table which can be applied immediately onto your signed merchandise. This is our COA mark and the stickers are uniquely numbered and impossible to forge.


We are also happy for you to take pictures of the guest signing your item as long as the guest is also okay for you to do so.


For further authentication buy a programme on the day for £1 to go with your signed item. Having your item stickered and having proof that you attended on that day with the programme is further evidence that the signed item is real and 100% authentic. You can also keep your event ticket as more proof of attendance. Whilst we know that most of you intend to keep your memorabilia, if you ever decide to sell it on this will prove beyond all reasonable doubt that the item is genuine.


If you use our official send in service we will include our COA sticker and an event programme when we post back your signed items for an additional charge. Proof pictures will be obtained where possible.


For anybody buying Monopoly Events merchandise from our stock, we provide the COA sticker on all our items as standard, and we include an official programme from the event it was obtained at. This is inclusive within the price you pay. The majority of our items also have proof pictures available on request.


To order and to get an inventory of items we have in stock the email to use is


To mail items in to be signed at one of our events, and use our official send-in service the email to use is

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