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Guest FAQs

Which Celebrities Will Be At The Event?

You can get an up-to-date list of current guests for the upcoming event here on our website by visiting our GUESTS page. All guests are announced on our Social Media channels. Click on the links below to stay updated.


Will The Guest I Want To See Definitely Be At The Event?

All guests announced have been contracted and confirmed to appear. However, most are working actors, and their professional schedules can change. Should a guest cancellation occur we will endeavour to make the public aware on our social platforms and refund any autograph or photograph tickets as soon as possible.


*PLEASE NOTE: Only the guests Autograph and Photograph tickets can be refunded, it is not our policy to refund entry tickets unless the event itself is cancelled.


Do I Have To Buy A Photo Or Autograph To Meet A Guest?

As you can imagine our guests' time is limited. The general etiquette is that you would purchase an autograph or selfie if you want to meet them at their tables. Please don’t be offended if our staff ask you to move aside if you have attended a guest table for a chat or handshake.


How Much Are Photos And Autographs?

Prices vary per guest. Please see our GUESTS page for more information.

I Didn't Get Any Auto Or Photo Tickets Beforehand, Can I Buy Them On The Day?

Provided the opportunity is not sold out then yes, you can pay by cash or card at the tables or at the photoshoot queue entrance.


How Do I Meet A Guest To Get Something Signed?

All our signings take place at guest tables which can be found on the event map. Simply get into the correct queue and wait to meet your guest.


Can I Give A Gift To A Guest?

Most guests are open to this and appreciate the gestures. We cannot guarantee that they will take any items home with them – as many will have luggage and space restrictions.


Can I Get A Selfie With A Guest?

Most guests are happy to have a selfie taken with you at their table, however this is ENTIRELY at their discretion. If selfies are available, you can pay at the table by card or with cash, and the price will be noted on an info sheet at the front of their queues.


Can I Hug A Guest?

This entirely up to the guest in question, we simply ask that if they say no, that you respect their personal and private space.

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